About Reflect Yourself

McNally Head Shot - Reflect Yourself

The origin of Reflect Yourself, LLC traces back to Michael P. McNally’s (founder) early morning journaling and an unexpected, impactful event.

Since early in his life, Mr. McNally has been one to look for ways of making situations or activities more effective and efficient by studying patterns and trends. As a young married man, this talent remained engrained in his thinking, and when his third child was born, it began to take on a special meaning – how could he use this talent to, one day, share his thoughts about life with Kristin, Michael, and Eileen? The desire to share his life views with his children propelled him to reflect upon life in the form of journal entries. Eventually, journaling became part of his daily routine.

On a cloudy day several years later, he stood outside a bookstore waiting for his family. Then, as he glanced through one of the store’s large windows, the sun broke through the clouds. He could no longer see into the store, but his reflection became very noticeable. To this day, he refers to that moment as life-changing. That brief reflection planted the seed that would eventually grow into the notion that this life is really about reflecting yourself. From that day forward, his journaling started to take on a different structure and the initial version of a book manuscript unfolded.

Over the years, amidst sharing the responsibilities of raising a family with his wife, Margaret, and working full-time, the manuscript matured.

So, from a little reflection, a lot of hard work, “some positive influence from some kind-hearted people, and a few twists and turns along the way,” the book is complete.

It’s amazing what a little reflection can do.